Microchanneling is really the gold standard in the industry right now for diminishing scarring, fine lines, pore size, and hyperpigmentation. If you do not have any major concerns, this treatment can also give you a more dewy and youthful complexion. Microchanneling is also a safe treatment for all skin types to use. Check out our FAQ’s below for further details.

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+ How does it work?

Microchanneling works by using tiny little micro needles that stamp into the skin that in turn, causes the skin to have a wound healing response. This wound healing response generates your own collagen to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne-scarring, pore size, and even assists in breaking up hyperpigmentation!

+ What is the down time?

Because of the ProCell technology that we use, you can expect to have a sunburnt look for only about 24-48 hours depending on the depth of needles that are used. You can expect an even redness around the face, which will fade progressively over the next day or two. We send you home with a vial of stem cells that is included in the price of your treatment, that you can continuously apply that will speed up your healing process.

+ How quickly will I see results?

Most clients experience an immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, and elasticity, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll see long term improvement that really lasts when you complete a series of treatments as recommended by our skin care professionals.

+ Does it hurt?

The name can sound a bit scary, but this usually isn't as painful as people expect! Prior to your treatment, we numb the area being treated with a prescription compound cream of BLT (Betacaine, Lidocaine, and Tetracaine). You may feel some slight discomfort throughout your treatment on the bonier parts of the face like the forehead, nose, and chin but the treatment is still very tolerable.