At Laser Loft, we pride ourselves on customizing facials based on individual client needs. We want our clients to have a highly personalized experience and always take into account different skin conditions, needs, and issues. You aren’t limited to a menu of a few options; your skin is unique to you and helping you look your best is our mission.

Sometimes you need hydration, but still have blemishes and need a combination of Vitamin C agents, as well as salicylic for clearing bacteria. We infuse our clients' skin with the proper agents, serums, and procedures based on personal needs. Your skin may also change its texture and functionality based on weather, so we take this into consideration when determining which facial best suits each client as well.


Each facial is customized to address the specific needs and goals of each client. You may notice a few blemishes after your treatment, but rest assured that this is a good thing - your skin is purging all of the toxins from beneath the surface which will ultimately reveal more beautiful skin. To schedule your facial contact one of our locations today!