Laser Hair Removal

Hair grows in layers and stages. As each layer arises to the surface, we have to hit their respective follicles in the active stage of growth. This is why it may take 6-12 months to remove all of the hair. For reference, there are roughly 1,200 hair follicles in one square inch - that’s a lot of work for us, but we love the challenge!

At Laser Loft, we utilize lasers for hair removal, not IPLs (Intense Pulse Light). IPLs are lights that hope to find and damage the hair follicle, whereas a laser emits a focused beam that finds the follicle by the color of the hair and targets the exact area we want. This tends to yield a more reliable outcome so needless to say, we are pretty proud of our lasers!

We are equipped with Cynosure Elite Lasers that have both the 755 Alexandrite and the 1064 Nd:YAG Lasers. These numbers may not be familiar to our clients, but it means we can treat all skin types safely and effectively. During your free consultation, our skilled technicians will work with you to determine your skin and hair type to ensure we are using the best laser and settings for you. While we assure you that these two lasers are the best in the world for hair removal, it’s always a good idea to do your own research. Read reviews, ask a lot of questions, and educate yourself on the various lasers.


Our laser prices are based on the size of the area treated. We give you the option to pay as you go or to buy a package upfront. To find out treatment area size please call or submit a form request

Starting at

Extra Small- 60.00/session

Small- 80.00/session

Medium- 115.00/session

Large- 150.00/session

Extra Large- 300.00/session


A lot of people ask if it hurts and the honest answer is yes, it might. The follicle does heat up when the laser finds and destroys it, and you do feel that as it happens. For those with a lower pain tolerance, we offer a prescription-grade numbing cream to ease the pain. Many of our clients do not mind the slight discomfort that quickly subsides knowing that their unwanted hair is being removed for good. For more info about the laser process visit our FAQ page.