Let's face it: We weren’t all born with thick, beautiful brows; and some of us never grew them back after letting the tweezers take over in the 90s. Whatever the reason for your thin eyebrows, there's a better solution than spending time every morning filling them in.

Microblading is a temporary eyebrow tattoo that lasts untouched up to 20 months. The tiny, hairlike strokes of pigment are implanted into the basal membrane of the skin using a handheld tool comprised of 7-14 needles. Because the strokes are so small and thin, they resemble natural hair strands.

During your first appointment, your technician will map out your face to determine the best size and shape of your brow. Together you’ll choose the best color to suit your skin tone and she’ll draw an outline with a china marker. When the outline is drawn in, you can let your technician know if you want to make any changes to the shape or size. Once you’ve decided on the perfect shape and color, your technician will numb the skin with topical numbing agent. After letting the numbing agent sit for 30 minutes, the tattooing begins. The entire process takes about two hours.


This is the most important appointment. Your first touch-up is scheduled four weeks after your initial tattoo and is included in the price. During this appointment your technician will fill in any areas that were missed or didn’t take. EVERYONE has to have a touch-up!

For best results, a third appointment is recommended 10-12 months after your first session. This second touch-up will prolong your brows beyond the two year mark.

Microblading and first touch-up: 500.00

Additional touch-ups: 175.00


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