Realistic Expectation for Laser Hair Removal


Hello to our dedicated followers! We have chatted a lot about skincare on the blog, but haven’t talked too much about laser. Laser hair removal is one of the main services that we offer at Laser Loft! What we see a lot of in our consultations is that people typically don’t know exactly what to look for to know that they are seeing progress with their laser hair removal treatments. The intention of today’s post is for you to leave with a good understanding of how laser hair removal works, and if you are currently receiving treatments, what kind of signs you want to be looking for that you are on your way to being hair-free!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this must be understood. Laser hair removal will NOT get rid of your hair after one treatment. It will take multiple sessions (typically 8-12) and the reason is that your hair is always growing in different cycles, which your hair needs to be in a specific one, for the laser to work on you. 2 hairs right next to each other may be in different cycles, meaning that one of those follicles could take to the laser, while the other one won’t. This is also why as you get further into your sessions, you will usually start to experience your hair growing in sparse or almost “patchy”.

So, you have just gotten your first laser hair removal treatment, what should you expect from here? There are a few different ways this can look: either your hair is taking longer to grow back in, or it is coming in finer than it was before. Now, keep in mind, there are some times when people don’t see any progress after the first treatment. Fear not though, our highly trained laser technicians are trained to look for clinical endpoints when they are lasering you to ensure that the laser is working. After a few treatments are when people usually start to experience the hair actually being reduced.

Lastly, what we would like to address, is the dying question “will it ever come back?”. The realistic answer is yes, but only partially. People do usually experience a few hairs coming in over the following months, years, etc. after they have finished their series of treatments, and will usually come in for an annual touch-up treatment at a reduced cost to zap those few hairs here and there. One thing that is important to mention as well is that hormones definitely play a part in this. If you get pregnant or start getting your laser hair removal pre-puberty, your hair may come back a little bit when you get older.

On a closing note, remember that everybody is different, and so is your hair! Communicate with your laser technician any questions/concerns you have about your treatments, and we will work together to tackle all of those unwanted hairs!

Until next time,

The Laser Loft Team <3

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